Clint Miller, P.G.

Hello! My name is Clint Miller. I am a geochemist at Rice University working on furthering our understanding of carbon in diverse geologic settings. While a PhD student at Rice I have participated in two primary expeditions:

1. To the Western Pacific Warm Water Pool (Offshore Papua New Guinea), and

2. Head Geochemist, aboard ice breaker Oden to the Arctic East Siberian continental shelf and slope. This Arctic expedition is completely rewriting our understanding of gas hydrates on Arctic slopes.

Perhaps my biggest project attempts to describe the role of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in methane charged continental sediments. The project involves sediments and interstitial pore waters from offshore Peru and the Sea of Japan. I will be graduating in the next year, and will be looking to start my career in O&G.

Please feel free to peruse my website and contact me at: cmm10(at)!

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